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Figure 1.1 Guided Inquiry Design Process. (Kuhlthau, C., Maniotes, L and Caspari, A. 2012)


Welcome to the Australian Guided Inquiry Community!


On these pages, we present the theory and practice of Guided Inquiry, specially as it relates to the Australian Curriculum.  As this is a community, we want to share developing knowledge and practice about Guided Inquiry.  


Please contribute your experiences, units of work and scaffolds...


Click on the following to navigate our site:


Australian curriculum and inquiry 


Professional reading 

Units of work - primary 


Guided Inquiry presentations

Units of work - secondary 


Evidence-based practice 



We are actively seeking your contributions, so that we can together build up a portfolio of best practice in Guided Inquiry.

Click on the icon below to chat with others who belong to this community, now numbering 621 people.

Guided Inquiry: A spine for inquiry skills in the Australian Curriculum




Connect to the US Guided Inquiry Design Forum, led by Leslie Maniotes!

There are three ways to connect:  

1.  Join the Community/discussion forum dedicated to Guided Inquiry Design Practice.  

Sign up to participate in the conversation, ask questions and get support.

2.   Follow Leslie onTwitter @lesliemaniotes 

3. Like the Facebook GID group


Comments (5)

Lee FitzGerald said

at 11:58 am on Mar 23, 2015

Hello everyone interested in Guided Inquiry. This wiki contains much to help you get started with GI, its only downside being the absence of interaction between the 500 or so people who have joined the wiki. Maybe one of the simplest ways of getting some dialogue going is to ask you to post your questions here on the front page chat box. Please go ahead. Lee FitzGerald

ASheerman said

at 10:31 am on Mar 24, 2015

I met a TL at the SLANSW State Library Day, Bronwen Campbell, and she told me she has been using Guided Inquiry in her RFF lessons. Many TLs have asked me how RFF and GI would be managed as we usually work collaboratively with a teacher for GI. She emailed me her Plan and the workbook and I have uploaded it to the Stage 2 area of Curriculum Units. Her email address is included for any queries. We encourage more people to share in this way.

Lee FitzGerald said

at 9:30 am on Mar 25, 2015

And I've put some new secondary units for Year 7 on Ancient Egypt and Exploring the world up, as well. Oh and a simple way of explaining the Guided Inquiry process to students. It's on the side bar of this page.

ASheerman said

at 3:39 pm on Jun 26, 2015

Lucy Roberson has just uploaded a Stage 3 programme on 'Desert Survivors'. I have linked it in the 'Units of Work - Primary' above. Thank you Lucy! It is especially good to have your evaluation of the unit as well.

Lee FitzGerald said

at 10:22 am on Aug 18, 2015

Do not miss the ClassMovies production of Integrating Guided Inquiry and ICT at Caddies Creek Public School, now linked on the side bar above. Lee

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