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Comments (9)

Lucy Robertson said

at 8:38 pm on Jun 25, 2015

Hi all, I'm not sure of the protocol around sharing units to this page but just tried uploading a file containing a recent primary science GI program designed for Culburra Public School as part the Stage 3 RFF timetable and it worked, so will leave it up to wiki editors to relocate if necessary! For now it can be found here: https://guidedinquirycommunity.pbworks.com/w/file/97603538/S3ScienceGIunit_Desertsurvivors.docx — feel free to adapt and use as needed!
I can be contacted directly at lucy.robertson5@det.nsw.edu if needed. Cheers, Lucy.

ASheerman said

at 3:44 pm on Jun 26, 2015

Thanks Lucy - Good on you! We look forward to more programs from all of our Community members! I have linked your program to the 'Units of Work - Primary' link on the Home Page.

jennifer.scheffers@... said

at 9:18 pm on Aug 13, 2015

Hi Alinda & Lee
Like Lucy, I just tried uploading a Yr 2 Threatened Aust Animals GI Unit- not sure where it has been saved to. Please relocate it to correct Stage 1 page. Please let me know if I need to upload it again.
Jenny Scheffers TL @ Caddies Creek PS

jennifer.scheffers@... said

at 9:22 pm on Aug 13, 2015

Hi again Alinda & Lee
I have also just uploaded a YR 4 Convicts of The First Fleet GI Web Quest unit - please display under Stage 2 units of Work.
Thanks Jenny Scheffers

Lee FitzGerald said

at 2:14 pm on Aug 17, 2015

Hi Jenny, thank you for these materials! I think I've put them in the right place. I've taken out reference on this page to your name, as that's what I've done with the others. But people using them will see you're the source. Same with yours, Lucy. Thank you! It's so good to have primary materials! Lee

Julie said

at 9:20 pm on Sep 5, 2015

Has anyone planned and implemented a Guided inquiry unit on micro-organisms? If so, I would love some information.

trudy said

at 2:17 pm on Sep 24, 2015

Hi i'm hoping to do HSIE stage 1, The need for shelter. I am a class teacher studying the TL course and would appreciate any guidance or existing work in this topic. The TL I'm working with is keen but untrained so unable to assist greatly at this stage. thanks

Julie said

at 7:38 pm on Nov 22, 2015

I have added a Science Guided Inquiry unit about micro-organisms. It can be found here: http://guidedinquirycommunity.pbworks.com/w/file/103265483/GI%20microorganisms%20Final.docx

I will let Lee and Alinda decide if it is worthy of adding to the Primary front page.

I can be contacted at julie.e.condie@gmail.com if needed.

Lee FitzGerald said

at 5:23 pm on Dec 7, 2015


Thanks so much for your contribution of Marvellous Microorganisms. And thank you for sharing student presentations, I so enjoyed them!


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