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Units of work - secondary

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Unit creation templates:


Year 7:

For the Australian Curriculum - History

Ancient Egypt, 2015

Ancient Egypt

Narrabeen Man

Ancient China


For the Australian Curriculum - Geography

Exploring the world.


Year 8:

For the Australian Curriculum - History

Medieval Europe


Year 9:

For the Australian Curriculum - History

Slave, Prisoner or Adventurer

Holocaust: Bystanders, Upstanders, Perpetrators and Victims


Year 10:

Commerce:  Issues in Society


Year 11:

PDHPE: Better Health for Individuals

History: Ancient Historical Investigation, 2014



Comments (2)

meaganheight606@hotmail.com said

at 8:46 pm on Dec 9, 2014

Can you suggest any guided inquiry units of work for year 7-10 drama elective?

Lee FitzGerald said

at 3:40 pm on Feb 17, 2015

Hi Meagan - I don't think there are any in existence yet. Maybe the Content description in Drama as follows: Identify and connect specific features and purposes of drama from contemporary and past times to explore viewpoints and enrich their drama making, starting with drama in Australia and including drama of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ACADRR046) for Years 9/10 could be a place to start (there's a similar, simpler one for Year7/8). You could see what already exists in the school for this, or similar outcome, and develop a task, using the template for creating GI units on this site, that had students e.g. working in inquiry circles to investigate various forms of drama, including Australian and Aboriginal, and e.g. Ancient Greek drama, be guided on this by Drama teachers. They could develop background knowledge, formulate a question on their particular kind of drama, and have a group presentation on same. Sorry to not reply sooner! Lee

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