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Formulation - Identify

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The students now develop an inquiry question.

  • Use Bloom's Taxonomy verbs to set the level of the question - for very individual differentiation
  • Plan ahead for the support of the Special Needs teacher to assist in the differentiation of the question for supported students.


The Big Question Machine scaffold assists in building a deep question set at the top three levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.


The Building Thinking Questions scaffold also helps to develop a deep question. 


The Clarifying Understanding Scaffold assists to direct search for information at this stage.


The Question Focus Formulation technique helps students distinguish between open and close-ended questions and to prioritise their research.


Other questioning scaffolds:


These scaffolds are from the storehouse of the NSW AISTLs, which were gathered for the 2008 AISQTP project on Guided Inquiry.  Hooked on questionning came from Susan Glasson, who is very sadly missed.



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